Underwater Laser Scanning

SSIV Structure Laser Scanning Data
Underwater laser scanning is a proven solution for subsea inspections. In the past, sonar technology has been the primary solution for subsea asset modeling and measurements. However, sonar does not deliver the detail necessary for understanding the state of subsea assets.

Underwater laser scanning provides the precision and accuracy necessary for detecting and assessing damage, developing design and repair plans, and performing maintenance and installations. The scanners can easily be deployed by AUV, ROV, or diver. The underwater laser scanning technology developed by 2G Robotics generates real-time 3D models of subsea assets and environments from which measurements can instantaneously and repeatably be captured. The high resolution of these models provides the detailed understanding needed to mitigate risks and avoid serious liability-related costs.


2G Robotics

2G Robotics Oceanology International
Our mission at 2G Robotics is to provide the best subsea imaging and measurement technology. We are dedicated to advanced research, development, and engineering for the innovation and the production of cutting-edge solutions. The foundation of 2G Robotics is its wealth of engineering expertise in the development of innovative and reliable systems, which has led to the success of its market-leading ULS line of underwater laser scanners.

The 2G Robotics underwater laser scanners have been developed specifically as underwater laser scanners, rather than from the amalgamation of existing products. This holistic design approach means that all design decisions have foremost been made for the specific purpose of ensuring the best possible laser scanning results.

When customers are confronted with more challenging requirements or deployment constraints, we are keen to work with them to develop innovative and optimal solutions. We have collaborated with customers, including ADUS DeepOcean and C&C Technologies, to develop deployment solutions tailored to their specific needs to best facilitate their projects. Collaborating with customers is intrinsic to 2G Robotics’ culture and we look forward to assisting you with your application.