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Compact Underwater Laser Scanner

Deployable in Confined Spaces

  • Generates point clouds of targets such as pipes, tunnels, wells, and other underwater objects
  • Small form factor and short range enables scanning in tight areas

High Resolution Measurements

  • Short-range scans (0.13m to 1m range) with 50° laser swath and 360° rotation
  • Real-time and true-scale model generation

Operational Efficiency

  • Simple, configurable deployment and ease-to-use interface for rapid data acquisition
  • No user calibration required


The ULS-100 is deployable by divers, ROVs, crawlers, centralizers, and frames. Its rugged and compact design makes it perfect for operation in confined spaces.




Scan RangeMinimum: 0.13m (0.43') | Maximum: 1m (3.3')
Points Per Profile480
Angle of View50° (in water)
68° (in air)
Laser Line Resolution0.1042° (in water)
0.25mm at 0.13m | 1.16mm at 0.6m | 1.94mm at 1m

0.1412° (in air)
0.36mm at 0.13m | 1.69mm at 0.6m | 2.81mm at 1m
Rotational Resolution0.018°
0.03mm at 0.13m | 0.19mm at 0.6m | 0.31mm at 1m
Sample RateUp to 4750 points/sec | 9.9 profiles/sec
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