ULS-200 Underwater Laser Scanner

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Mid-Range Scanner

The ULS-200 Underwater Laser Scanner is a mid-range measurement system that is ideal for capturing high-detail measurements in areas spanning from .21m to 2.5m.


ULS-200 underwater laser scanner

ULS-200 Scan Performance

Scan Range

Min: 0.36m (1.2’)
Max: 2.5m (8.2’)

Points Per


Laser Coverage

50° (in water)
68° (in air)

Rotational Coverage


Laser Line Resolution

0.1042° (in water)
0.1412° (in air)

Rotational Resolution


Range Resolution

0.01mm at 0.21m
0.2mm at 1.4m
0.6mm at 2.5m

Sample Rate

Up to 4750 points/sec

9.9 profiles/sec