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Dynamic Underwater Laser Scanner

Dynamic Scanning Solution

  • Real-time 3D point cloud generation with on-the-fly inspection for infinite scan range
  • Ongoing deployments by leading offshore operators to survey the world’s subsea assests

High-Resolution Results

  • Generates true-scale 3D point clouds with industry leading resolution
  • High-density point cloud data for identification of small features, defects, and accurate measurements

Deployment Flexibility

  • Ready for use with AUVs, ROVs, Hybrids, Surface Vehicles and Divers
  • 4000m water depth rating, with maximum scan range of over 15m


The ULS-500 PRO can be configured in many ways in order to facilitate industry leading dynamic laser scanning, enabling large assets to be captured from multiple angles in the highest resolution. It can also be used in stationary mode to capture specific assets in high detail.

Dynamic ROV

AUV Integration

Dynamic Boat




SeaShot Imager Stills Camera

SeaShot LED

Rotary Actuator



Scan RangeMinimum: 1.5m (4.92') | Maximum: 20m (65.6')
Points Per Laser Line2048
Angle of View50° (in water)
68° (in air)
Laser Line Resolution0.024° (in water)
1.3mm at 3m | 4.5mm at 10m | 8.9mm at 20m
Profile to Profile Resolution8.3mm at 0.5 Knot (0.25 m/s) | 33.3mm at 2 Knot (1 m/s) | 66.7 mm at 4 Knot (2.0 m/s)
Sample RateUp to 61440 points/sec | 30 profiles/sec
Depth Rating4000m
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