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As a large majority of offshore fields continue to mature, the assets contained within them are utilized well beyond their original design life, becoming increasingly susceptible to failure. Unfortunately, failures and their related hazards are a risk to health and safety and lead to increased costs related to repair and replacement, environmental reparations as well as production deficiencies.

To avoid these complications, industry analysts have adopted a risk-based approach for the inspection, repair and maintenance of aging assets. By comparing current survey results to historical data, analysts are able to predict which assets will require repairs and define the most efficient time to conduct the required maintenance. However, this approach is firmly limited by the quality of accessible data. This limitation may be overcome by using high resolution laser data captured in real-time by 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 PRO to improve your predictive analysis and increase life-of-field.

Some have expressed their hesitation to perform laser scanning dynamically due to the complexity and need for auxiliary sensors to correct for ROV position, drift, etc. Over the last few months 2G has released a solution to minimize the complexity of dynamic scanning with our Dynamic Laser Skid. The Dynamic Laser Scanning Skid is fully equipped with all sensors that are needed for high precision dynamic survey, incorporated in a rigid, pre-fabricated bracket that is dimensionally controlled to provide lever arms and offsets prior to survey.

With the incorporation of a Multiplexer on the system, the user is only required to provide a PPS pulse, a spare single mode fiber and 110V power to the Multiplexer bottle. This allows ease of use and reduces mobilization times through a “plug-and-play” solution delivered fully integrated with all cabling between the sensors. The Dynamic Laser Skid is a fast and non-destructive deployment solution for gathering high precision data dynamically.

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