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ADUS Deepocean was approached by Titan Salvage to perform a high resolution 3D survey of the Costa Concordia.  The Costa Concordia salvage operation is the largest marine salvage operation of its kind and the ship was successfully righted mid September of 2013.  Upon righting the ship,  scanning of the starboard hull with Sonar and Underwater Laser commenced, lead by ADUS DeepOcean.


The newly developed ULS-500-Profiler underwater laser scanner was used to capture detailed point cloud data.  For this project, ADUS Deepocean attached the ULS-500 Profiler to a survey pole mounted to the side of their survey boat and extended beneath the water surface.  Using a POS MV positioning solution, each profile was aligned relative to each other to create the complete 3D model of the damaged starboard side of the ship.


Detailed, 3D surveys like those conducted by ADUS, provide salvage engineers with the detailed data needed to move a project forward with confidence.   Congratulations ADUS Deepocean on your 3D survey of the Costa Concordia!

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