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Demonstrations of the ULS-500 PRO were recently held by 2G Robotics, Seatronics, and SmartSea Tech in Qingdao, China. The demo was very well-attended with more than 60 clients from a range of sectors including Energy, Homeland Security, Science and Ocean Exploration.

The 2G Robotics ULS-500 PRO underwater laser scanner generates real-time 3D models of subsea structures and environments from which millimetric engineering measurements can be instantaneously captured. With the best accuracy in the industry and the ability to dynamically capture data over long baselines, the ULS-500 PRO has become the accepted technological norm for high-resolution subsea survey, mapping, and inspection.

The demonstration allowed clients to see the underwater laser scanner in operation, exhibiting the data density achievable from the system. After a demonstration of the system, attendees were invited to experience the 3D laser data from previous projects in Virtual Reality. Clients were thrilled to explore and interact with full-scale models of shipwrecks including a German U-Boat, a WWII merchant vessel, and a sidewheel steamboat.

The ULS-500 PRO received great feedback from the clients in attendance as they conveyed how impressed they were with the accuracy and capabilities of the systems, sparking further discussions regarding potential upcoming project opportunities.

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