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2G Robotics, a leader in high-resolution underwater laser scanning and imaging, recently provided a ULS-100 system to HoHai University.


The 2G Robotics’ ULS-100 generates high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) models of subsea structures and environments. These models provide users with critical measurements accurate to the millimetre. The light-weight, compact design of the ULS-100 enables users to conduct surveys and inspections in tight areas such as small pipes, flume tanks, and tunnels. 2G’s underwater laser scanning technology prevents key information from being omitted by providing users with data in real-time, further reducing time spent in the field. The result is a reliable baseline from which crucial changes in asset and environment integrity can be monitored.

HoHai University will use the ULS-100 to conduct research and provide education on coastal engineering, ocean engineering, hydraulic engineering, and water resources with a special focus on water conservancy.

For more information on the ULS-100, click here.

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