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When pipes become dented or buckled, their ovality becomes compromised, which can inhibit fluid flow and affect operational efficiency and safety. In 2014, Nautic Middle East performed a vertical conductor pipe inspection for a company in the UAE. One of the pipes (66cm in diameter) had buckled. The company’s objective was to obtain measurements of the damage and of the length of pipe above the buckle in order to develop repair plans.


The ULS-100 was mounted to Inuktun’s Versatrax 150 pipe crawler to perform the inspection. The Versatrax 150 made regular stops on the way down the pipe while the ULS-100 performed 360 degree scans to generate 3D point cloud models of the pipe. These point clouds were merged in post-processing to form the complete 3D model. Using the 3D model, Nautic Middle East was able to accurately determine the position of the bend in the pipe, measure the length of pipe above the buckle, and obtain measurements of the damaged area so that repair plans could be effectively developed and implemented.

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