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The 2G Team recently attended OI China in Qingdao as part of the SmartSea Tech booth. The event allowed members of the team to connect and share their BlueTech knowledge with industry and government professionals as well as those following academic pursuits.

Luke Richardson, technical sales representative for Asia, presented to multiple audiences about improving subsea operational efficiencies through dynamic laser scanning. He explained that by generating three-dimensional (3D) models of subsea structures and environments, 2G Robotics’ systems provide users with critical measurements accurate to the sub-centimetre. This innovative dynamic laser scanning technology prevents key information from being omitted by providing users with data in real-time, further reducing time spent in the field. The result being a reliable baseline from which crucial changes in asset and environment integrity can be monitored.

A well-attended demonstration was also held showcasing the abilities of the product of the year, the ULS-100, deployed by underwater robot. The demonstration allowed clients to see the underwater laser scanner in operation and experience the data density achievable from the system. Attendees were impressed by the compact design of the system and even more thrilled to see data accurate to the millimetre captured in real-time.


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For more information on the ULS-100, click here.

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