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Recently the Region of Waterloo, Ontario invited 2G Robotics in collaboration with Lotowater Technical Services Inc. to demonstrate the ULS-100 Underwater Laser Scanner for Down-Hole inspection of a Water Well.






Clean water supplies are at risk when the structural integrity of hard to access water transfer and holding systems are cracked or eroded.  Degraded asset integrity allows for water loss and intrusion of  bacteria and  chemicals which can contaminate the water we drink. With much of our water infrastructure exceeding the 30 year mark, an inspection solution such as underwater laser scanning provides valuable indicators for diagnosing where attention is needed most.


Underwater laser scanning has become an inspection solution for many sub-sea industries such as; offshore oil and gas, energy, defense and archaeology. More recently,  the inland water infrastructure industry is learning how Point Cloud Data generated by laser scanning can provide the crucial information needed for engineers to economically establish maintenance and rehabilitation solutions for aging water tunnels, wells and cisterns.

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