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Assessing damaged assets to determine the optimal course of action can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacements and repairs. This can be accomplished by performing FEA (Structural Analysis) and CFD (Flow Analysis) on the asset before taking any further action. The ULS-100 Underwater Laser Scanner provides asset owners and engineers with a complete understanding of their asset by quickly capturing thousands of measurements, ensuring safe continued operation of the asset. A submerged pipe section was scanned using the ULS-100 allowing FEA and CFD analysis to be performed on the section. With this information an accurate determination of the optimal course of action could be determined.


Using the ULS-100 for Damaged Pipe Analysis

The ULS-100 when deployed should be set into position in front of the damaged section of pipe. A high resolution 3D scan of the section of pipe visible to the scanner is captured. By taking multiple scans from all sides of the underwater pipe, a complete 360 degree model of the outer surface of the damaged section can be created.

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