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A trial was completed with Apply Capnor using the ULS-500 integrated with an ROV for subsea structure inspections and spool metrology. Apply Capnor performed a number of demonstration scans using the ULS-500 in order to experience and validate the ease of operation of the system.


The TMS was scanned to simulate structure inspection and two flanges were attached to the TMS as a mock-up to simulate spool metrology. The ULS-500 scanned the structure both with and without the rotary actuator (scan and profile mode respectively). To collect the data while profiling, the ULS-500 system published data in LAS format into QINSy data acquisition, navigation and processing software. QPS QINSy was used to integrate the positioning data from an iXBlue Phins 6000 INS and TRDI 1200 kHz DVL to position the ULS-500 data and build a complete 3D model.


Contact 2G Robotics to learn more about this project and integration of QINSy with the ULS-500.




Norway Scan


QINSy image of the ROV path (in green), demonstrating how the ROV hovered around the structure while scanning.




Apply Capnor Structure inspection


Using the detailed measurements obtained from the 3D point cloud generated by the ULS-500, Apply Capnor was able to produce an accurate 3D model and design a spool between the two flanges located on the structure.

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