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Underwater Laser Scanners - Accurate measurements subsea

The 2G Robotics ULS-100 and ULS-200 products are designed for easy deployment by small subsea robotics vehicles. This was highlighted at OI China 2017 when SmartSeaTech and 2G Robotics demonstrated the ULS-100 integrated with a SeaBotix vehicle. For fast and easy integration on the demonstration, the ROV umbilical was paired with the ULS-100 power and data cable rather than connecting through the vehicle. It is common for customers to integrate the ULS-100 directly through the vehicle, connecting the ULS-100 through the vehicle power and a spare RS-485 line. The Seabotix vehicle provided a stable platform from which to hold the laser scanner in front of the sample target.

High Resolution Underwater Measurements and Detail

With the ULS-100 connected to the Seabotix ROV, a high-resolution 3D scan was demonstrated where fine features in the seat can be observed. Additionally, even the tiles in the wall of the tank can be seen.

With this level of detail accurate assessments of concrete erosion, pitting and other critical but fine details can be understood about your underwater structures. With the combined crawler ROV and ULS-100 solution, high accuracy details about tunnels, pilings, and other assets can become known.

For more information about this solution please contact 2G Robotics directly or contact SmartSeatech in China.


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