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2G Robotics is excited to be able to provide ongoing support to the University of Waterloo Submarine (WatSub) Racing team.

An attitude towards innovation and risk-taking drove this group of talented UW students to become Ontario’s first submarine team. In winter of 2015, the WatSub team began work on the design and build of its single pilot, human-powered, fixed-pitch propeller based submarine named AMY, after the Olympic swimmer and gold medalist, Amy Van Dyken.

University of Waterloo Submarine Racing Team

The team recently competed abroad at the European International Submarine Race (eISR) where they finished 11th overall and won the award for perseverance. As the team always states, “It’s all simple until you go underwater.” With eISR complete, the team now has their sights set on the International Submarine Race (ISR) in 2017.

The team strives to provide students with unique opportunities by performing complex manufacturing processes 100% in house in order to better prepare engineers with skills and experience for the future. 2G Robotics is happy to be able to provide its testing facilities and support to the WatSub team and wishes them all the best in pursuit of the win at ISR 2017.

University of Waterloo Submarine Racing Team

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