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2G Robotics is proud to become a Gold Sponsor for WISE (Women in Science and Engineering). The 2G team is committed to supporting girls and women to pursue their passion in STEM and we are excited to support an organization that provides programming aligning with these objectives.

WISE promotes the education of women in the fields of science and engineering. To develop women’s leadership skills, confidence, and involvement in research and technology, WISE focuses on building a supportive community of men and women through a number of initiatives. WISE represents 32 different disciplines in STEM from over 15 universities. WISE provides professional development through a variety of workshops, networking sessions and mentorship programs. The organization holds multiple community outreach events including an International Women’s Day speaker panel that focuses on the challenges and triumphs women face in STEM fields. WISE holds over 17 different yearly events including a yearly two-day conference that brings together delegates from across North America.


For more information on WISE, click here.

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